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Li-Space is situated in Caochangdi Art District, Beijing, China, full name is Beijing Li-Space Culture & Art Center. It was founded by Gu Zhenqing and Yang Li in July 2008. The exhibition hall of Li-Space is 318 square meters and 5.8 meters high, composed by two main halls, two video rooms and a backyard. Since its founding, Li-Space has been working on the construction of the concept “New Blood of Art”. This concept doesn’t constrain to the outstanding endeavor of the young generation but also tries to encourage the already established artists to gain new strength. It is no doubt that the new energy of art creation lies in the efforts of making a fresh restart when changed to a new track and artists’ logo went to zero.


Red No.1-F,Caochangdi, Beijing 100015,China

Tel : +86-10-51273272
Fax : +86-10-51273271

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